Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Here are the updated photo's!
Stitched on 30 ct Ivory Linen using GAST Frame by Eastside Mouldings
GB-82 Believe
Stitched on 28 ct Cashel Summer Khaki Linen using DMC, fits standard 8 x 10 frame. Buttons from JAB Co are optional.

The top photo is the progress I made on my La D Da Alphabet over the weekend. Not much! Too many parties, etc. I really enjoy stitching this. I am about 50% finshed and should have it done this week or next.
Here are some photo's of the two new designs. One is just a teaser because I have no idea where the camera is!!!! And of course it didn't all fit in the scanner. The first one is just a bit of "BYOB" which is- Bring Yor Own Broom! Great Halloween design stitched on 30 ct Ivory linen using a glorious palette of Sampler Threads. I stitched that model.
The next one is "Believe". The frame is cut off in the picture. This design will fit into a standard 8"x 10" frame you can buy anywhere. The model uses JAB Co buttons but it is charted so you don't have to buy the buttons if you don't want to. It is stitched on 28ct Summer Khaki linen using DMC floss. If you stitch this on 14 ct aida the finished size will be the same. I am going to be printing these this week. Shops will have them shortly. Kim Ritchie did a marvelous job of stitching the model....thanks Kim!!!
Kim has just finished another model for me called "Quaker Alphabet". There is only one Quaker motif on this. I love Quakers and I just sat down one day and charted ths design. I will post picutres of it when it's framed. My other model stitcher, Katrina, is working on Blue Christmas". This is a set of three Christmas ornaments. One was previously published in the Dec 03 JCS magazine, one was published in an older JCS Ornament issue and there is one new one. Those two designs will be released together in the summer sometime.
Today is another gorgeous day here. I guess I better get out for my morning walk. I hope you enjoy your day and find time to stitch! Thanks for stopping by..............Nancy

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Thanks to all of you who wrote to inquire if all was well. It is! Just busy busy busy these days. We had a ton of work to do to get the house in shape for summer also. Yard work, painting. opening the pool, blah blah blah. I have neglected my BLOG for over a month now. But the good news is, I have been stitching! From the top:
Gentleness LHN/CC thread kit. I love these designs and have many more to finish!

Heart In Hand Flag Roundabout, I bought the chart only on Ebay and am stitching this on 28 ct Lugana using GAST & WDW floss.

Housework & Plant Love (from May 08 Gift of Stitching magazine) by Lizzie Kate. Her designs continue to be favorites of mine. Both were stitched on 25 ct Lugana using the fibers called for, GAST & WDW.

Quaker Alphabet by La D Da. I am using 16 ct Fiddlers lite and DMC 161 and 645. It is a great design.

Next is a freebie from Blackbird Designs. I used an old Needle Necessities floss I found in a drawer. I love the color varigation in this one.

Last but not least (no picture yet) Glory Bee's BYOB. And that stands for Bring Your Own Broom! I am almost ready to print that one and Believe, a Christmas design. They should be out within two weeks. As soon as my husbad does the photo's I will post them here.

I found two wonderful model stitchers and should be releasing a couple more designs within the next couple of months. Thanks Kim and Katrina!!!!

I did attend Celebration of Needlework earlier in May. The classes were very expensive this year and I think this organization neglects a huge segment of the stitching population by having almost all of their classes for advanced stitchers. Maybe they should offer beginner and intermediate classes also. We need to encourage stitchers of all levels. I also noticed as I looked into the classes a lot of them were fairly empty. Their merchandise mall does not disappoint! I think they have some great vendors. The vendors bring a great variety of stitching products. I saw Silver Needle on the list but they were not there. Maybe they are only doing the Kentucky show??? And a HUGE THANK YOU to Chirs's Collection for taking Glory Bee models to Celebration as she has done for many years!

I have removed the shopping cart from my website because of the expense. If you order from me you may still send in a check or money order or use Paypal. You may use a credit card or check through Paypal, also. Credit card fees were going through the roof! I'm also in the process of getting my designs on Patterns Online. Many should be ready in July. I have read a lot of good things about that website and decided to offer my designs in that format also.

We are still in the process of updating the website. As many of you know my husband is my webmaster and an avid scuba diver. It is always dive season for Al. He is a scuba instructor too, so he is quite busy in the water these days. But we will get it updated soon! And when we do we should have free design to add also.

Thanks for visiting. I must go catch up on some blogs I was reading and have neglected. Have a great Memorial Day weekend..............Nancy