Thursday, December 10, 2009

Busy time of year

Hi all~

This has been a busy winter for me and Glory Bee! I have been accepted at Celebration of Needlework and will be teaching three projects there in the spring. Coming up in October of 2010 is the third annual Stitching Jubilee and I will have 4 (and hopefully more) new projects for that event. Of course I have to design, stitch, finish and publish all of these. When I say *I* what I mean is I do some of that work and my husband/webmaster/publisher does the rest. He is a HUGE part of my company and it could not go on without him. Luckily it's winter and his scuba diving activities have slowed somewhat. Although they still dive all winter! Remember we are in New England and that water is COLD!

We got some more snow yesterday. I have to say the roads were quite a mess early in the morning. It started to snow at 5AM and I thought I would get out to the gym before the heavy stuff came down. By the time I left to come home at 7AM the roads had gotten very slick. I was glad to be home the rest of the day. It will probably be a white Christmas here.

I am all ready for Christmas. I have to admit the only thing I send any longer are Christmas cards. No more gifts and crazy shopping. I am so relieved. It makes it much easier to enjoy the holiday that way. My birthday is close to Christmas so that makes the week enjoyable as well.

We have a party to go to for New Years Eve. We used to always host the party and I got so tired of doing it, it is be a pleasure going somewhere else for a change. New Years Day a bunch of us are getting together for a dive and lunch. I will NOT be diving that day. Even if the temps are nice the water's too cold. I think I can magane lunch!

Well, back to work. I reallydo have to get some of my new teaching pieces stitched. Enjoy your day..........Nancy


Michelle Lutzen said...

Congrats on being accepted to teach at next year's Celebrations, Nancy, I can't wait to see what fun class projects you'll have to offer! :-)

Btw, I have a December birthday too, mine's the 29th. I was always getting ripped off on the gifts...I hated how one of my Xmas gifts suddenly became one of my Birthday gifts! LOL!

Stitchy Kitty

Sherri said...

Congratulations, Nancy!!