Wednesday, December 30, 2009

He's finshed!

He's a little askew but he's finished. I labored over the last part of the design and decided on different snowflakes. I also added the tree and house from a previos design idea. I hope you like him as much as I do. I have a frame I painted white for him but I may re-paint it blue and add white snowflakes???? You'll soon know. I hope to have him out the door by mid-January.
Speaking of snow.....they are saying we will be having snow by the first of January. Personally, I could do without it. But it will be better than the sub-zero temperatures of yesterday. It was so wndy you could barely stand up. When we left for the gym at 5AM this morning it was a frigid 3 degrees. It's wamred up some today already.
I hope you all have a wonderful New Year. See you in January.....Nancy

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

LHN Traveling Stitcher

I love this design! I finished the "Needles" and am working on the larger section now. I have it about 1/3 to 1/2 finished. It is so much fun to stitch, but then, all of Diane's designs are fun stitches. I am working on 25 ct Mushroom Lugana and the fibers are Crescent Colors and were included. I will sew it into a sewing pocket when I'm finished. I love my sewing classes. I have gotten a ton of finish work done since taking sewing. We are skipping this Wednesday so maybe I will sit and sew that afternon if I have eveything else finshed.
I went back to my snowman design and finally finished designing him. It will only take a few hours or less to finsih the stitching and then he'll be off to my husband for charting and printing.
They are talking snow or rain here for New Years Eve and day. We are spending New Years Eve with friends and Al was going to go diving, yes diving in the north Atlantic, on New Years Day. Last year they went and had zero air temperature and 39 degree water!!!! No thank you! I may go just to watch the crazy people.
Stitcher's Hideaway will be here before you know it! Sue has an alumni retreat in February in Mystic Ct and it is my favorite one. No teacher or project just stitching, eating, and shopping for 2 days. I plan on stitching my new teaching pieces there or even an older UFO or two.
After all the holiday goodies I must get to the gym. Have a great day and I hope you find time to stitch........Nancy

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Still stitching......

I have finished the "Needles" portion of Little House Needleworks Traveling Stitcher. This chart came with the Crescent Colors needed. I love the red~Ladybug~it has some wonderful varigation. I started on the other part of the chart last night but didn't get much done. I will post that picture in a day or two when you can see some progress. There was also a pre-sewn piece to go with this, you attach the stitched pieces to it. I was fortunate enough to find the fabric they used and will make my own sewing case. It's a fun stitch.

I was going to start something new for New Years Day but have started this so I will continue working on it. I am hosting my stitching group at my house on January 10th, pray for no snow, and will hopefully have this almost done after that. Last winter we got snowed-out for almost 4 months in a row!

Christmas was a quiet day here. Just how we like it. We are planning on seeing friends for New Years Eve. In the past we hosted a huge party on New Years Eve but haven't in a few years. I like it better this way.

Everest:Beyond the Limit is airing three new episodes tonight. It is on the Discovery network. I love that show. I don't know how they do it. I really don't like cold weather and they are in such brutal conditions! Hopefully I can stay awake for all three. I don't think I can stitch and watch this at the same time.

I hope you enjoy your day and find time to stitch..........Nancy

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Wishing each amd every one of my readers a Blessed Christmas. May all your dreams come true and may you enjoy your day, however you choose to spend it.

Monday, December 21, 2009


As you can see, I have always been a good little shopper. Summer or winter I am ready to go! I was born in the B&W photo age and this Wednesday is my birthday. For once I am not liking my birthday, probably has to do with the number, but honestly I still feel 20. I am blessed with good health and have a wonderful life. So bah humbug to the number and on to another great year!
I hope you are ready for Christmas. I am, but then I really don't have much to do. My husband and I will spend a quiet day at home. I'm sure I'll get to stitch quite a bit on Christms day. Pancake breakfast on Chrstmas morning has been a recent tradition. that I look forward to.
I did get some stitching done over the weekend. We had a forcast of 4-7" of snow and only got a dusting. Not even enough to shovel. Oh well, I stitched more on my Blackbird Design piece and an old WIP from LHN Winter Wonderland.
I still have to get back to my "Dream Big" design and finish him up before the New Year. I want to add some snowflakes or swirls of snow at the bottom and sides of him. Maybe later today I can work on him.
Have a great week. Merry Christmas to you all! Nancy

Friday, December 18, 2009

More stitching

I scanned these yesterday and then couldn't find them in my computer. Sometimes I forget to actually look and see where they are being saved and lose them! I did a search and still didn't find them. Oh well, here they are.
Pins and Needles is a Blackbird Designs Small Token chart. There was a bit more stitchng, but I left it off. They had some yellow/gold colored stitching in the flowers and squares but I liked the open airy look this gave to it. I did not use the colors they recommended only because I didn't have them. I just pulled all of these Crescent Colors out of my stash. It's a wonderful design and a very quick stitch.
Then we have my own design, Dream Big. This is the second time I've stitched him! I worked on him at the Stitcher's Hideaway retreat last February and got him 99% finished. Some of the gals there loved him but I just didn't like the final design and only recently had time to get back to him and do a re-design. I changed the fabric but the fibers are the same. He still isn't done. I have to add some snow swirls to the bottom and bottom corners. I may add a few other tiny motifs as well. I plan on releasing him with my Easter design BYOB (Bring your own bunny) Easter. This one is a kind of companion to my BYOB (Bring your own broom) Halloween design.
I am still going to my sewing classes once a week and finished the Mary Garry piece from the previous post into a pin cushion. Blackbird Design recommends filling the pin cushions with crushed walnut shells (available at pet shops as reptile bedding). It works somewhat like emery, sharpening your needles and pins as you use it.
I heard the weathermen predict either a dusting of snow for Sunday or a nor'ester with 12"plus. It all depends on how far out to sea the storm tracks. I'm hoping for a dusting of snow. We already have snow on the ground and fridgid temps so I think it will stay for Christmas.
I have been ready for Christmas for weeks, and hope you are also. Today I plan on starting to stitch my newest class piece, Birds of a Feather, seen on an earlier post also. I love days that I can start a fire in the woodstove and sit there and stitch the majority of the day away. I hope your day is fun in some way too! Until next time, Happy stitching..........Nancy

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I have been's proof!

The pictures are as follows:

Plum Pudding free design
Mary Garry Pins & Needles from an oder JCS magazine
My own design-a class piece for Stitching Jubilee in Ocy 2010
And LHN Summer House free design

I think I stitch as many free designs as I do purchased designs. I ALWAYS print them off because you never know
when you will need something quick to stitch! Little House Needleworks and Plum Pudding are both favorite designers of mine and I have plenty of their designs in my stash to stitch. The older Mary Garry piece is one I kept wanting to stitch and never got to. I finally did and I will make this into a pin cushion along with the Blackbird design I am working on. I don'thave a picture of that yet and I totally forget the name. It's a beautiful pin cushion and I will be finished with it today so I will post it tomorrow. I also finished Plum Street Samplers Fishes and Bait. With my husband being such an avid scuba diver this one is perfect for him. Love the fishes and mer-man and mermaid on it. It won't fit in the scanner so I will photograph it tomrrow and post it.
The other picture is of a teaching piece that will be first offered at Stitching Jubilee in October of this year. It is the third annual Stitching Jubilee and will once again be held in Lancaster PA. Last year I stayed with releatives in Delaware and had about and hour + commute each day. This coming year I will be stayign at the hotel so I can get out and see Lancaster. I grew up in PA and went to Lancaster once as a teenager but hadn't been back since. I didn't have time to see any of the area last October. For the piece, it is not entirely set in stone yet. The colors may change etc. I will start stitchig it soon. There are many specialty stitches but they are simple to do and you may personalize it with yours and a friends initials. The plan right now is to stitch this on antique white or summer khaki cashel linen using overdyed floss. Now if you can't get to Lancaster feel free to have your guild or shop comtact me for details on how they may have this taught in their shop.
I've got to get out for my morning walk. Talk to you tomorrow.......Nancy

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Busy time of year

Hi all~

This has been a busy winter for me and Glory Bee! I have been accepted at Celebration of Needlework and will be teaching three projects there in the spring. Coming up in October of 2010 is the third annual Stitching Jubilee and I will have 4 (and hopefully more) new projects for that event. Of course I have to design, stitch, finish and publish all of these. When I say *I* what I mean is I do some of that work and my husband/webmaster/publisher does the rest. He is a HUGE part of my company and it could not go on without him. Luckily it's winter and his scuba diving activities have slowed somewhat. Although they still dive all winter! Remember we are in New England and that water is COLD!

We got some more snow yesterday. I have to say the roads were quite a mess early in the morning. It started to snow at 5AM and I thought I would get out to the gym before the heavy stuff came down. By the time I left to come home at 7AM the roads had gotten very slick. I was glad to be home the rest of the day. It will probably be a white Christmas here.

I am all ready for Christmas. I have to admit the only thing I send any longer are Christmas cards. No more gifts and crazy shopping. I am so relieved. It makes it much easier to enjoy the holiday that way. My birthday is close to Christmas so that makes the week enjoyable as well.

We have a party to go to for New Years Eve. We used to always host the party and I got so tired of doing it, it is be a pleasure going somewhere else for a change. New Years Day a bunch of us are getting together for a dive and lunch. I will NOT be diving that day. Even if the temps are nice the water's too cold. I think I can magane lunch!

Well, back to work. I reallydo have to get some of my new teaching pieces stitched. Enjoy your day..........Nancy

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Two New Designs!

GB-93 Quaker Gameboard is a standard Parchesi board that has four different Quaker motifs in each corner. The center square, Home Sweet Home, is stitched over one thread using one strand of floss. This was stitched on 28 ct Lambswool linen using Threadworx Blue Navy. You will need 25 yds if stitching on 28 or 14 ct using two strands as the model does. This floss is sold in 20 yard and 5 yards lengths. The finished design is 10" x 10" on 28/14 ct fabric. A special thanks to my friend Robeta for her speedy stitching of the model! $9.00

GB-94 Cupid is a delightful design stitched on 16 ct Antique White aida. For linen stitchers it converts to 32 ct ivory or antique white linen. I used regular DMC and #12 Perle Coton DMC in Black and Cupid is stitched using Bleeding Heart overdyed floss by Threadworx. The heart is stitched using Petite Treasure braid in gold, but silver would look nice also. This was framed in an East Side Mouldings Black frame. $7.00

Both of these designs are being shipped to my disributors and automatic shops by Monday! Get your orders in now for some holiday de-stressing.