Monday, June 28, 2010

Shark teeth & Mermaids purse

This is a picture of some shark teeth, sand tigers I believe, and a mermaids purse (egg sack from either a skate or shark) that my husband brought me from his diving in North Carolina this past week. I would not want to get bitten by any of those teeth. He was diving on wrecks off the North Carolina coast at Olympus Dive Center out of Morehead City. They had a great time but the 2 hour boat rides out to the wrecks were daunting. I guess rough seas were the norm everyday. When I was in Rockport last week with my friend we saw some great shark tooth necklaces. I think I will have to make a couple from these teeth.
On the stitching front I have been keeping very busy with some Glory Bee designs. I am now stitching a new free design that co-ordinates with Spring and Winter which are on the website now. I also have a couple new releases just hours away. Hours covers a lot of time LOL! My husband is my printer and he is busy this week with two students taking an open water diving class. I'll get them out ASAP.
I am also trying to decide whether or not to submit designs to Celebration of Needlework for next year. If I am, I will have to get my act in gear pronto! They are due in November.
I got my preliminary numbers for my class sign ups in Lancsater this year at Stitching Jubilee. Act fast they are filling fast!
The weather here in north central Massachusetts is very hot and humid and my AC decided to act up. Luckily I have a friend who can fix it and it's now working again. It is very unusual for us to have 90 degree days in June! I am NOT complaining though......I woud rather the hot weather over the cold any day.
Stay cool, I hope you find tme to stitch today...................Nancy

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yesterday in Rockport, MA

It really wasn't as gloomy as it looks in this picture. I loved the colorful boats and would love to own one of those houses.
Just imagine where you could go from here.......
Yesterday my friend, Michelle, and I spent the day in Rockport looking through all the shops and just enjoying a day free from responsibility. Both of our husbands dive, and they dive in Rockport a lot. We hardly ever come up here with them. I was diving up here at one point but we never came into the "touristy" area when we were done diving. Always straight home. There were many great gift shops and galleries. We had lunch at a nice place on the water. The day went way too fast, as it always does when you're having fun. We vowed to take a day like this every 4-6 weeks. Next on the list, Portsmouth NH!
On the stitching front~nothing. I haven't picked up a needle in a couple days. Today is not looking good for it either. I think I will have to get some work done since I took yesterday off. They are predicting temperatures in the 90's with tons of humidity. I think working inside is in order. Officework and cleaning, my two favorite activities. LOL!
Thanks to all who commented on my pool, and my thoughts of filling it in. Maybe someday....
I hope wherever you are you find time to stitch today....Nancy

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Photo's around the yard

My neighbor gave this to my husband (he is the resident gardner) to plant last year and it is blooming now.
We've had the Day Lily forever. They are all over our property. It's one of my favorite flowers.

This is Pickles, who as you remember, lost part of her tail a year ago. We call her stubby now!

Okay, everyone loves a swimming pool until it's in their yard and they have to clean it an maintain it. Honestly I loved having it years ago but am sick of it. Has anyone drained and filled theirs in? I need a general idea of the cost.
Thanks for looking. I hope you are enjoying your day.........Nancy

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Part 3, start here or scroll to Part 1

This is on the wall over my "shipping " table. It was a gift from a very dear friend, who has since passed away. I LOVE It. In the bottom right corner you can see how she even put my logo on it.
Part one of the shipping table. This is also where I assemble the charts.

Part 2 of the shipping table. Exciting, huh?

More of those darn chart boxes! Also my hat collection.

Just a mess. Hope you enjoyed this look into my office..........Nancy

Clean office part 2

This is one of my favorite pieces. My friend Deb and I always go to the Christmas Tree Shop and one day we found these for $2.99!!! What a bargain.
This starts the many many many containers of charts. I thought these 3 part plastic bins were a great idea until I got to almost 100 designs!

Just another image of the great calendar along with in the very bottom right corner my Chloe Lincoln repro all stitched up. I loved woking on that.

I bought this at a local antique shop. It was made in the 1920's and is on paper using wool yarn. It has a very bright silver backing behind it. I was thinking of re-doing it but think I will probably just sell it on E***.

My NEW bookcase, on sale at Target for $13! It was a snap to put together. I put all my books in it and reference materials. I didn't realize how many exchange pieces I had until I tried to fit them in there also.
Stay tuned for part 3............

More pictures of my CLEAN office! Part 1

This is the back corner of the office. I have re-hung my calendar and also the memo board next to it, which I won as a door prize during Sue's retreat in VA. I put up my old green curtains which I like better. Back in the corner are two bins filled with models and there are finished projects on top. The fabric is next to that. I have threads in the boxes on top of the fabric. I just today put the bookcase together and put all my books and various things I received from friends and from exchanges.
My desk is clean!!!!! I put a wonderful wool runner on top of the desk. It goes great with the wall border.

This is the previous corner all cleaned up. The plate sitting on the filing cabinet is a bee and you can't see it, but it says Glory Bee! How cool is that?

Behind the curtain is an old closet that I put shelving in and haven't gotten new doors for it yet, so I put up the curtain to hide the mess. All those things hanging next to it are assorted name tags from all the retreats and shows I've attended, along with some more exchange pieces.

This is the entry into the room. with two of my favorite Blackbird Designs hanging there. There is also a huge beeskep on the floor in the corner.
See part 2!

Some photo's of my office.....

For whatever reason I cannot get this first picture to stay upright, oh well, you get the idea! I found that metal perpetual calendar at Home Goods on sale for $2.00! How could I pass it up. The angel above it I just kind of stuck up there after my trip to Richmond VA. I bought it at the place where we had our afternoon tea. It was so much fun!

This picture is just showing the corner of my office. I have a filing cabinet there with junk all over the top. I wanted to show the wall border in this one. I love the border and did everything in the room around that item.

This is my messy desk with the computer that doesn't even work. I have to remove it and clean up in there! I have a new design printed and sitting on the edge of the desk ready to be assembled. Next to the desk in the plastic bins are my many fabric samples. Behind the pegboard is more storage for the floss lines I use. The view out the window is into my backyard which is really very nice and serene. I border the state forest and have many forest creatures come and greet me daily. More photo's after I clean up in there! I hope you are enjoying your day...........Nancy

Thursday, June 17, 2010

4th of July stitching

Here is a very quick to stitch free design for your 4th of July stitching! I stitched mine on 14 ct Pebble Gray aida, but you may use any fabric you wish. The stripes of the flag are stitched as Double tied oblong cross but you may substitute regular cross stitches there also. Enjoy! Nancy

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My ornament for the JCS Preview issue!

This is the ornament I designed for the Just Cross Stitch Ornament Preview issue. It is "A Partridge in a Pear Tree". The finishing was done by Vonna and, as always, she did a wonderul job and I want to thank her again! The finishing always makes or breaks the piece in my opinion. I know this issue is just starting to get to everyone's homes. I still have not seen it on my local newsstands. Oh well, someday I will get my copy......
I have a couple designs coming out shortly. I depend on my husband to do the computer work and he is quite busy scuba diving right now. I hope to have him get one ready this week so I can release them over the weekend. One is Earth's Angels, which is a tribute to mothers. The other is a row of three Christmas ornaments, which you may also stitch individually. It is called Christmas Trio.
I have been frantically collecting reproduction samplers once again. I went through my stash and determined I didn't have enough of them! Ebay has been a great source of OOP and hard to find designs. I am stitching several right now and haven't had much time lately to put any stitches into them. Pictures when I get further along on them.
It is a beautiful day here in the northeast and it promises to be a warm one, too. I love the warm summer days. I hope wherever you are you find time to do something you love today..........Nancy

Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Flag Day!

Enjoy the day........Nancy

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I found more kits!

Hey fellow stitchers!
My last post had several retired class kis for sale, and I do have a few remaining. I also found a couple more I forgot about.
Bon Bini:
I had kitted up this design for a gift shop in the Caribbean. I have 3 remaining.
The kits include a needle, 14 ct gray aida, 15 full skeins of floss and chart with color photo. This designs in done in all full cross stitch. $15.00 and I will SHIP FREE to US and Canadian addresses.
Stitchers Rule:
This kit contains: 2 needles, 28 ct Mushroom Lugana fabric, 10 full skeins of DMC floss for stitching the three designs and 12 full skeins of DMC floss to make the twisted cord. All finishing materials, although there are no written directions for finishing. Chart with color photo. It is a needebook, fob and ruler keeper. The class was the finishing. $25.00 I only have two of these. FREE SHIPPING to US and Canadian addresses.
I accept Paypal, US Postal money orders or checks. Please email me if yu are interested. Thanks for looking..........Nancy

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Retired Class Kits For Sale!

Hi all~

I just returned from the Sue Hillis Memorial Day Stitch In and what a wonderful weekend! We laughed and stitched and shopped and then did it all over again. I met up with friends from past retreats, and met new friends. It was a great time and I highly recommend attending. The designers had a Boutique on Saturday and I brought some of my retired class kits. I sold many but have several remaining.
Seasonal Sampler has a cut of 12" x 21" 25 ct. Mushroom Lugana, 15 full skeins of DMC floss, 2 needles, color photo, chart, and all stitch diagrams. $20.00 and I will ship free within the US & Canada. Email for other shipping rates.
Give Thanks has a cut of 11" x 17" 28 ct Summer Khaki Cashel linen, 2 full skeins Weeks Dye Works floss, 7 full skeins Gentle Art floss, 4 yds of Threadwoks floss, 2 needles, color photo, chart, and all stitch diagrams. $25.00 and I will ship free within the US & Canada. Email for other shipping rates.
I accept PayPal to or checks. Email me if yu have any questions. Please help me clear out my office and take these off my hands!
Keep in mind, even if you don't care for the designs, the product you get in the kits is well worth the cost!!! Quantities are limited so shop early......Nancy